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A $100,000 reason to read this!

Are you interested to see how a business, let’s call it QuickCall Supplies, that turns over $1 Million dollars in total revenue… can add over $100,000 to its cash flow and improve its profit by $60,000… without selling one extra…
- Cash Flow Management and Forecasting

Workflow Management & Cashflow in the Automotive Industry

Let’s take a look at why workflow management is vital for a business. The automotive industry is currently in a state of transition due to consolidation away from small family run operations towards more corporate-run multinational organisations.
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Are you selling all the hours you’re paying for?

If you employ people to provide services to customers, it’s vital to manage the hours invoiced to customers compared to those you pay to staff.  Reason being the differential is potential lost income to your business and precious profit.
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