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If you’re looking to offer the best CFO Services for your clients, CFO On Call can help.

Accounting firms call us in to help clients with:


  • Systems – Helping business owners get their accounting and operations systems right with focus on efficiency.  We make suggestions on systems that can help them and assist in implementation if required.
  • Cash flow and Profit – Helping business owners with strategic business growth planning and goal setting.  Break-even analysis, budget and cash flow planning and overhead improvements are just some of the projects we undertake.
  • Business Growth – Helping business owners plan a better future financial position.  Helping them understand what their business is currently capable of and what is required to grow the business in the future.
  • Business Exit Planning– focus is on maximising future value and return.  Helping the business owner systemise business and improve processes.

We work well with clients who need help in systems, analysing, reporting and planning.  We provide the management and cost accounting skill base and focus on current and future financial position.

If you have clients with this type of need, we would be happy to discuss how we can work with you to assist them.  Once you’re comfortable with us…

If you have clients that you feel have unfulfilled potential, we would be happy to meet with you and them for an initial complimentary consultation.  Once we have a good understanding of the client needs, we provide a Fixed Fee Proposal for our services e.g. virtual CFO services (even part time).  We don’t lock clients into contracts and always maintain an open line of communication with the client and their accountant.

A couple of great assignments we’ve been part of recently:

Electrical Contractor

The accountant contacted us to see their client, as they had concerns that their job management system wasn’t aligned to the accounting system.  They were not happy with the output from the system and needed help calculating their overhead recovery rate and also not happy with the output of the finance team.  It was a business that was a mum and dad operation, that grew to 30 contractors in the field.  Their systems and processes had not grown or improved with the business.  Their finance team was inexperienced and a structure review was completed.  When we completed the assignment  the job management system and accounting system issues were corrected and a new internal Accountant was employed, due to the complexity and number of transactions in the business.  For this type of assignment we calculate a Fixed Fee.

Landscape Developer

A new business, this client had previously used a part time CFO for their original business (which they still have).  They made contact with us, as they were seeking assistance with their new venture.  They wanted assistance understanding their project profitability and guidance in setting up the most efficient process/system to document the project operational costs.  We also have worked through their break-even points, breakeven hourly rate per billable staff and machinery and overhead recovery rates.  This is a new client and we are starting to implement systems to assist with monitoring project profitability.  This client is on a monthly retainer.

If this sounds like some of your clients we would be very happy to help you with resources to service them.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 362 436 to arrange a time to discuss your needs.