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You would have seen how the digital landscape is affecting nearly every business. Some business advisors may stagnate and not position themselves for it well, but smart CFO consultants are changing the way the market sees them.

Our approach at CFO On-Call is to place ourselves as ‘thought-leaders’ in the market. This has the valuable effect of changing the client/CFO dynamic, often before a CFO On-Call Partner gets to speak to a potential client.

For more than 20 years, CFO On-Call articles on financial control have been published in trade, industry and business magazines and in the last fifteen years on websites. These articles, when seen by readers online and in print, create an impression of established knowledge, which reflects immediately on the potential client/CFO relationship.

CFO On-Call’s point of difference? All is written in plain English that business people can immediately understand.

This article “The ten key numbers for a better result this year” appeared in print in a sign industry magazine and a sizable sign maker is now a regular client.

Where a potential client has to choose between a known-quantity, and an unknown one, they of course go for the person that’s associated with the articles they’ve read or brand they’ve heard of.

For more than twenty years CFO On-Call has been published in, on average, twenty or so industry print magazines a month and has tens of thousands blog and article readers.

Sharing our knowledge in this way with the marketplace, just enough to get them interested, to know of, or to have the CFO On-Call brand in the back of their minds, is what gets us a start to help the client in a Virtual CFO capacity, or in person.

If CFO consulting is still on your radar it’s time to contact CFO On-Call. Speak to Rosie Copp on 1300 36 24 36 in Australia or 0800 180 400 from NZ.

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