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One of our fabulous CFOs – Andrew Free – recently shared some very useful information about pricing at a webinar.

Here’s what was covered:

  • Pricing to make a reasonable profit
  • Understanding your cost base and the different types of costs
  • The elements of a basic pricing model
  • ‘What If Scenarios’ in pricing
  • The difference between pricing products and services
  • The elements in pricing for services
  • Cost associated with delivering a service
  • Availability of employees to deliver a service
  • Utilisation rate of employees delivering services
  • Implementing an accurate pricing model
  • Feedback loop to maintain accurate and profitable pricing
  • Working through a services pricing model
  • ‘Price’ the ‘Big Lever’

If you’d like to learn more about pricing to be more profitable in your business check out the webinar recording here.

By Sue Hirst Co-Founder CFO On-Call

Sue was managing an accounting practice when she co-founded the business in 1991. She has expertise in financial management, product and service development and human resource management.

Sue is passionate about explaining accounting concepts in clear English so business owners can make sense of their own numbers.