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Sam Lee

QLD Partner

Sam loves nothing better than helping an owner with a growing business take it to the next level.

There can be all kinds of issues surrounding business growth such as:

  • Cash flow problems (quite common and normal in a rapidly growing business).
  • Bookkeeper and staff not coping with business growth and how to manage them.
  • Getting customers to pay on time.
  • Owner getting the right information to guide decision making.
  • Setting up the business and systems to handle growth.
  • Due diligence on business mergers, acquisitions and expansion plans to ensure it’s a viable and sustainable proposition.
  • Translating numbers that can easily be understood
  • Overheads getting out of control
  • Project Management: Sam has worked with international companies managing projects of all kinds that have helped the businesses to grow, without compromising their existing business.  He has:

  • Provided a structured process to manage projects on time and on budget.
  • Been a ‘sounding board’ to discuss clients’ ideas, plans and goals.
  • Managed numbers and costings to ensure the viability of initiatives.
  • Provided planning to implement growth and ‘change’ activities.
  • Provided targets and reporting to ensure plans are on track and desired outcomes achieved.
  • Helped employing, guiding and managing the right accounts staff to handle growth, ensuring profit and cash flow runs properly.
  • Investigated, identified and fixed issues that affect growth
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