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9 Smart Strategies to Set Your Financial Road Map

Profit may not be the first thing aspiring business owners think of when they dream of taking control of their own destiny. They are often more focused on the product or service they are offering.
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The Profit vs Cash Flow Road Map

By Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call Do you wonder why you have a profit in your business, but not enough cash?
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Finding the best Virtual CFO (VCFO) for your business

Business Management Discuss and decide your ‘big picture’ goals…what you want to achieve in your business in terms of business growth, improved profit, cash flow, business value, efficiency and lifestyle.
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The Proof is in the Profit

By any reasonable standard, an average 51% profit improvement (EBIT), across a number of established business (average turnover of more than $16 million), over three years is very good.