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How to measure profitability in a service based business

A great target to improve  profit in a service business is to apply the 3x model. Put simply, the 3x model is: Revenue earned from charging staff time should be equal or greater than 3 times salaries paid.
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Cost Savings in the Cloud

By Sue Hirst An issue facing business owners is the management of costs – especially labour. Labour efficiency is a vital necessity for some to stay in business.
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Why keep it in the Cloud?

By Sue Hirst, Director of CFO On-Call The ‘Cloud’ is a term for describing online software delivery and data housing. Until recent years, most business owners have used software and kept data on their computer hard disk.
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Is your accounting slowing your business growth?

Your business accounts may not be a very sexy subject … at least when you are up to your ears in running, managing and problem-solving … but a poor set of out-dated accounts will really hold you back, when you…
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Your Grey Hair Is An Asset To Us!

By Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call I recently met with an accountant in his early 50s who said he felt like he was ‘over the hill’ for many people looking to recruit an accountant.
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How to Reduce Operating Expenses In Business

by Sue Hirst – CFO On-Call ‘Overheads’ will not be a new term to most Business Owners.  You see them each month or year when you print out a Profit and Loss report from your accounting system.
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Your net income should exceed your gross habits!

… or Why separate your cash-flow from the Business When asked the key to financial happiness one business owner said –  ‘Your net income should exceed your gross habits!’ Jokes aside, I urge business owners to keep their own finances…
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Where The Money Is In Your Business And How To Get It

By Sue Hirst, CFO On-Call If this or the previous financial year isn’t as good as you’d have hoped, then it’s a good time to start setting a plan to make your next year in business better.

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