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How to improve small business cash flow

 7 steps to implementing a proven small business cash flow strategy Getting customers to pay invoices (and on time) Adopting subscription sales Seeking better payment terms from suppliers and banks Documenting all business income and expenses Reducing expenses Paying vendors…
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How to manage cash flow in construction

Managing cash flow and cash flow forecasting are two of the most difficult things to keep under control and plan for in a construction company.
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Cash Flow Stress Busters for Business

A ‘shot in the arm’ about how small changes can impact your business results greatly. Sue Hirst of CFO On-Call gives an explanation in ‘plain english’ about financial strategy for businesses.
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How Can a ‘Virtual CFO’ Help You Grow Your Business?

A Virtual CFO service is now available to smaller businesses and it doesn’t come with the high wage cost of employing a full time CFO.  Bigger businesses have had the benefit of a financial and ‘logical’ thinker in their businesses…
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What is a CFO?

A chief financial officer (CFO) is an executive officer responsible for creating and implementing financial strategies that manage the past, present, and future financial situations and actions of an organisation.
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Time To Plan Your 2020/2021 Financial Roadmap

Whether we like it or not COVID-19 has had an impact for the better or worse on just about every business in the world! The question is, how will businesses survive?
End of financial year
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Profit & Cash Flow Planning For The New Financial Year

While the financial year in Australia is about to end on 30th June, the ramifications of COVID-19 are still being experienced by many businesses.  Now is a good time to think strategically about plans for both emerging from the crisis,…

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