Growing small businesses the name of the game for Michael Granek

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They say if you do what you love, then you won’t work a day in your life. It’s a philosophy Michael Granek CPA can attest to, just six months after joining CFO On-Call.

CFO On-Call connects small and medium business owners with experienced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to help manage and improve their business numbers.

As a CFO On-Call Partner, Michael is bringing his decades of commercial experience as a top tier CFO to a previously untapped market. He provides valuable support and guidance to businesses who don’t have the capacity to bring in a full-time financial director, but see the value in the commercial expertise they offer.

He sees himself as a financial co-pilot, working alongside a range of different clients each day to provide financial guidance in various scopes. Be it a handful of hours a week or multiple days, Michael’s hard work and dedication has earned him plenty of plaudits among his existing client base.

Now boasting a full schedule, Michael is the most recent success story to come from CFO On-Call’s talented team of partners.

And, like any good story, he never quite knows what’s going to happen next.

“There’s certainly no typical day in this role, which is part of the appeal – it really depends where we are in the month,” said Michael.

“The majority of my clients are in warehousing and wholesaling which is my area of expertise. Importing, foreign exchange, stock movement, logistics – I have almost 20 years of experience in these fields, so I understand the industry and the nuances before I start with these companies.”

Michael says the nature of his role lends itself to a more personal approach. Over a short space of time, he can develop strong connections within the business and prove himself to be an integral cog that keeps the machine running smoothly.

“I’d say my position is fairly important within these businesses,” said Michael.

“The biggest thing I bring, I believe, is strong financial management. I also value accuracy and timeliness – if you’re working with me then you can expect honesty and precise data.

“I’m also quite capable of compiling dashboard reports and have experience in IT systems so there’s a bit of value to add outside of simply the numbers.”

CFO On-Call’s stable of Partners includes Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced and successful CFOs and financial directors – many of whom have decided to leave the corporate rat-race to strive for a healthier work/life balance.

“I’m very happy I joined CFO On-Call,” Michael continued.

“They’ve helped me to continue doing what I love doing – working hard to grow a business.”

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