Managing Your Business Through Rapid Growth

Managing Your Business Through Rapid Growth

See an example of how a business grew sales by 400% over two years and got ‘Yes’ from their lender for all growth funding requests!

Growth in business is an exciting time… however it can also be a very frustrating time if growth isn’t handled carefully.

Growth can put strain on every aspect of the business e.g.

  • Marketing – how much activity is needed to achieve growth?
  • Sales – what conversion rate do you need and how will you achieve it?
  • Purchasing and supply – how and where will you source supplies to meet the demand?
  • Logistics – how will resources cope e.g. staff, equipment, warehousing for extra stock?
  • Staff – extra staff needed to handle additional volumes of everything.
  • Premises – will they be big enough to house extra staff, equipment, stock etc.
  • Funds – where will the funds come from to pay for everything?

All this needs to be carefully planned, costs calculated, managed and funded to ensure a smooth transition during the growth phase.

If you’d like to achieve growth without the headaches it can cause… watch this video with a CFO who shares his ‘hard earned’ experience, working with rapid growth businesses to achieve well managed growth.

See a Case Study of a business that went through massive growth in 2 years:

  • Revenue grew by 400%
  • Lender agreed to all requests for extra funds needed
  • Growth achieved without problems
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