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Pierre de Villiers

QLD Partner

With an extensive background in management accounting at a senior level in a variety of industries, I use my experience to improve your profit and cash flow and help you steer your business into a brighter future.

I am eager to help you build your business and manage your finances so that you can free your time to grow your business and personal goals.

I am passionate about implementing your business targets and putting in place the measures and reports to make sure we are on track all the way.

With over 20 years of experience from small business (as a director myself), through to multinational corporates, I enjoy the results of positive changes we make and improvements in the numbers and the business efficiency and value.

I enjoy analysing the financial results of actions taken in order to improve the processes and deliver long lasting change and increased efficiencies, finding the numbers that drive your business and reporting on what will be happening rather than what has happened in the past.  Working collaboratively to achieve the goals and enjoy the ride as well.

I am a solution finder and problem solver, who uses my varied experience to approach any issue from different angles to find the best solution, then puts this in practice through training and mentoring your staff to ensure the end results are a success.

I have a high sense of duty and a strong work ethic.  I am trustworthy and honest and will always put your needs first.

I am eager to help small businesses with setting up the systems right, so we do it right from the beginning.

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